Five Reasons You Want ADHD Brains on Your Zombie Apocalypse Team (Part 2)

Feb. 8th, 2016

Second installment of a four part series. Part 1 is here. Part 3 is here.

Disclaimer: Not every person with ADHD will have any or all of these. Displaying anything on this list doesn’t mean a person has ADHD. The things on this list aren’t unique to ADHD.

6. Bro, do you even lift?

Physical hyperactivity can sometimes translate into physical fitness because the individual simply must move. Carrying firewood, fighting off the horde, running to safety, these are all important survival skills made easier by a high fitness level.

7. Change?! YAY!!!

Because boredom is the enemy, we adore change. Constantly moving from place to place, looking for the things we need to survive, not knowing where the next toilet paper is coming from? Perfect, to the ADHD brain.

8. Quick decision making

In an apocalypse there’s no time to discuss things in a committee. ADHD’s impulsivity will work to the team’s advantage in a crisis because sometimes delay is just as much of a killer. Our high levels of intuition means that more than likely that snap judgement will be a good one.

9. “Everyone’s saying ‘hello’ to each other, how wonderful.”

Another time saver will be pleasantries. We hate ‘em. We can’t stand ‘em. They’ll finally be gone now that the social constructs of civilization have deteriorated. Good riddance, so say I.

10. Easy-going, all day long

We are just the most chill subsection of people you’d ever care to meet. We’ll often go with the majority vote, because making decisions is hard, ok... We also have the worst memories which means all those grudges and feuds featured in the “previously on” clip don’t even matter to us.