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Michelle K. from Ontario, Canada

"Colleen has a unique focus on what would help YOU as an individual to do better. It never feels as though your plan of action is based upon which boxes you check from her perspective. It's a real collaboration in finding how best to move forward. And I've definitely become kinder to myself. For a long time, if I was beating myself up about something, I had to think "What would Colleen say to me?" but now it's second nature and I think that way myself. "

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Brittany S. from Oregon, United States

"Colleen is an amazing human being and has been super helpful and normalizing (as in, simply by her demeanor, they reassure me that what I’m experiencing isn’t crazy and they either have experienced something very similar, or at the very least fully comprehends how it stems from ADHD, rather than some “moral” failing or personal flaw). They are very good at understanding where I’m coming from and helping me improve in a way that is not judgmental but still supportive.

The most important thing I’ve gained from Colleen’s coaching is what a stabilizing influence they have been in my world of all-over-the-place. They are a place I can come back to, in order to get back to my priorities and a stable center. They are very good at remembering things that were mentioned or coached around during previous sessions and so I don’t feel like I have to start over again or reexplain things. When I slip back on something, I may judge myself, but Colleen never does. There are also things I can say to them that I can say to no other human being because they will get where I’m coming from in a way that even just another nerdy ADHDer wouldn’t. Their deep sense of empathy for me, my situation, and struggles is incredibly important to me.

The phrase that best describes my relationship with Colleen as my coach is: a true partnership. And although this may not seem very impressive, it truly is. Whatever my goal, Colleen is on board and completely committed to helping me achieve it.

When I first met with Colleen, I immediately felt ‘this is the person’.

When I accomplish something, I am so excited to tell Colleen about it. I know that they will be thrilled for me, I know that they will appreciate the difficulty of doing The Thing (whatever it is), and that they will really celebrate with me. I’ve had situations where I accomplished something challenging for me, and my first thought was “I can’t wait to tell Colleen.” because they will know how hard it was for me where someone else wouldn’t.

My coaching sessions are a grounding place to explore ideas, be they about problems, goals, whatever. And when I switch it up on Colleen, they're just there and they just go with it instantly. They always have the attitude of “Ok, let’s do this thing.” From very early on, I felt my meetings with Colleen forged a very honest connection.

It’s been really awesome."

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Kathryn H. from Ontario, Canada

"Colleen provided an anchor during some challenging changes in my life. I knew that I wanted change. By being someone who was a sounding board, Colleen was a tool that helped me make better choices to help direct these changes.

What caused you to choose Colleen out of all the mental health professionals available?

I started with a Google search for life coaches. I wanted to find a coach that had an understanding of learning disabilities (LD). I was not able to find one in this area but found Colleen. ADHD is different than LD’s but some of the skills used for one can be used for the other. The phone consultation gave me the opportunity to ask the questions to help me choose these services.  Likewise, Colleen presented themself as friendly and approachable.

I found the support text messages they sent me both helpful and encouraging."

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Joel A. from New South Wales, Australia

"Finding the right coach can be challenging. I struggled to warm to previous coaches and felt like I couldn’t be my authentic self. Within the first few moments of talking with Colleen, I knew that they could help me meet some pretty big goals I was striving for. Colleen’s friendly, non-judgmental, dynamic yet honest approach was exactly what I was looking for. A call with Colleen always left me with a smile along with an inner knowing and confidence that I was on the right track.   

I’ve gained countless insights that I simply didn’t know existed, from Colleen’s coaching. They helped me discover and conquer a number of my limiting beliefs about my self-worth and confidence levels. They helped me develop a time management plan in pursuit of my goals, along with helping me discover and re-ignite a passion for my big picture dreams - something I didn’t realize I had disconnected from. In part, Colleen helped me see my book through to completion, along with helping me gain great insight and clarity in the development of my own coaching business.

My relationship with Colleen was always honest, non-judgmental, kind-hearted and compassionate.

Colleen is a genuinely caring person for which coaching comes naturally. 

Colleen helped me discover many unexpected realizations about myself, those ‘ah-ha’ moments. It was always a delight in exploring these and always left me in great spirits when the unknown suddenly became obvious.

Having Colleen as my coach has been a life changing experience for me. I can’t thank Colleen enough for their passion in wanting nothing more than seeing me succeed. Thanks to you, I feel like I have done just that! I'm light-years ahead from where I was when we started working together. "

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Emilie A. from Luxembourg

"Colleen is super supportive and very flexible. We easily found a way to work together despite my busy agenda and the 6-hour time difference between us. Colleen is very structured and helped me by keeping an eye on my objectives and achievements.

Colleen really helped me to accept myself as I am and to take advantage out of it. They helped me implementing and maintaining a new organization in my personal and work life to be more balanced, to better manage my emotions and focus on what I want to accomplish. Together, we found creative ways to solve some of my recurrent issues related to motivation and focus. 

In addition to being supportive, Colleen was also by my side no matter the struggle I am going through. 

I could relate to their interests for video games and creative environments. I am not a gamer but I liked the idea of working with a creative and open minded coach that would bring more than the usual tools.

One of my favourite parts of coaching was finding a way to define achievable goals I would be enthusiastic to meet.

Thanks Colleen for everything you brought. The results of our work are long lasting and I can still enjoy them one year after we stopped working together. :)"