Introvert Vacation

May 1st, 2017

Quite a while ago, I heard someone describe the most genius idea at an ADHD support group. “You go on vacation and just sit in your room and work on all the projects you don’t have time for during real life. You don’t really go anywhere or do much else.” My jaw dropped open. “That sounds... heavenly,” I said.

The idea stuck with me. I fantasized about this magical period of nothing but crafts, writing, editing, coloring, organizing life... And then my father in law gave my husband and me two weeks of his timeshare for our fifth wedding anniversary. My time had come.

I filled our Corolla with yarn, paper, and metal, and we shut ourselves away from the world. Well, except for Pokéwalks.

Here’s my guide to the ultimate Introvert’s Vacation:

1. Bring Everything

I’m a great believer in traveling light, but I broke every rule for this trip. The point is to have infinite options for projects. I brought twelve knitting and crochet projects, planned to work on three writing projects, organize three lifestyle projects, and two chainmaille projects. I brought a crate of board games and a whole suitcase devoted to just books. I also brought everything I might conceivably wish for my creature comforts. Robes, PJ's, multi-temperatures of outfits, fuzzy socks, skirts, yoga pants. I do not regret an ounce of this abundant luggage.

2. Take a break from communication

As much as I love my family and friends, I put myself on text message, IM, and email hiatus. Brain space is just as essential as physical space.

3. Make just one plan

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Maybe it’s because I’m more of an ambivert but I did enjoy the couple times we ventured out, for dinner and to walk in the park. It can also give greater appreciation for the time spent alone.

4. Prepare everything for a smooth homecoming

Packing, traveling, and unpacking all take enormous energy. Before I left for our time away I emptied the fridge and all garbages, cleaned the kitchen and fridge, and tidied up. I also made sure not to schedule anything on the day we came home so I’d have time to get my life and brain back on track.

What else would make a vacation perfect for you?