The ADHD Guild's New Tiers

Apr. 4th, 2022

Announcing new tiers of membership for The ADHD Guild! We are thrilled to expand the ways in which The Guild can serve the neurodiverse community. We think everyone should have the opportunity to connect with people who really get it when it comes to how our brains work.

If you're kind of nerdy and have ADHD, The ADHD Guild is your place to meet and chat with like-minded folks. Share your daily victories, and your daily struggles, with people who get you. We're all trying to get a little better each day, and have some fun at the same time!

ADHD coaching is great, but sometimes it's nice to touch base and get feedback throughout the week. The ADHD Guild can be your ADHD support community all throughout your week. More people also means more people to say “yeah, that happens to me too” and we hopefully feel less alone.

Apprentice🗡 members have access to our awesome Community Discord server. Guild members blow my mind every single day. They are doing amazing stuff, honouring their unique brains and learning how to work with, not against them.

Associate⚔️ members are included in our Coworking (body doubling) system to have fun and get more done, in addition to the Community Discord server. They also get access to our monthly ADHD education segments. Hosted by myself and Brittany Smith, they are always a blast!

As always, Journeyman🛡 members also participate in our weekly group coaching, goal setting and follow-up, and have access to monthly 1:1 coaching with one of the team leaders.

From now until May the Fourth (Be With You) 2022, use coupon code GrandOpening to get 20% off your first six months of membership!

Head on over to our new, improved, 50% more nerdery website for more information and find out if any of the three Guild Membership tiers are right for you.