Jan. 4th, 2016

Hello and welcome to my blog! Since this is day one I'll start off by giving you a rough (repeat: rough) idea of who I am and what this blog will consist of.

My name is Colleen, and I am training to be a coach, specializing in ADHD. I have ADHD myself, as well as anxiety. I am a giant geek who is unabashedly passionate and enthusiastic about all my fandoms. I also co-own a small chainmaille jewelry and armour business with my husband.

This blog is going to be about a wide variety of things. Topics such as coaching, mental health/illness, ADHD, geek/fandom, writing, and life in general are all likely to pop up. I'll also be writing posts about life or ADHD challenges I've overcome and the solutions I came up with, in case they might help anyone else.

A project that will also appear here are the geek meditations I’m planning. I'll go into detail about those when the first one goes live. For now, picture your favourite movie/book/show/game/comic combined with a meditation into one epic ball of self-care, geeky madness. That's what you have to look forward to.

Please shoot me an email at greendoorlifecoaching (at) gmail (dot) com if there's a specific fandom you'd like to see a meditation themed on. I'll always be looking for ideas.

Additionally, if you've got a comment on anything I post, content you'd like to see me discuss in the future, or just feel the need to tell me what you had for breakfast this morning (good for you for eating breakfast, by the way), email, leave me a tweet or post on Facebook.