The Law of an Open Mind

Feb. 8th, 2016

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Game (season 5, episode 6) a very short-lived character was seen for the second and last time. Ensign Robin Lefler, played by Ashley Judd. Among her many spunky attributes is her book of personal laws. Robin’s Laws, created whenever she learns "something essential”. This concept always intrigued me, and recently I created my own set of laws.

Number 7:

“There's always a chance everything I believe is untrue and I must keep an open mind for those things to change.”

The theory behind this idea is the simple fact that there are many things in other people’s minds I wish would change. The idea that any one person is invariably correct, for one. The idea that telling others their experience is untrue or false is a helpful act, for another.

If I want to be more loving and kind than those rigid beliefs permit, I must obviously allow my own mind to remain flexible and accepting.