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What is coaching?

People with ADHD are prone to extremes. We struggle constantly to get started on or finish so many things. We also have the ability to hyperfocus and get an incredible amount done. Most of us fluctuate between these two states. I used to feel like I had no control over which state I was in. (Although total control is something I believe no one is capable of, no matter what brain type they have.)

During weekly meetings, I work with my clients to break down false beliefs and build strategies that empower them to gain greater control over these two states. Neither is necessarily bad, although hyperfocusing on Wookiepedia when the deadline for a work project draws stressfully near can cause a lot of pain, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness. Being able to have greater influence over what our brains are focusing on, what we are doing, and when things happen is what my coaching is all about.

The unfortunate thing is most of us eventually start urgent things on our own, but it’s usually after the stress of a deadline has activated our brains. Under those conditions, trust in ourselves disappears, our relationship with productivity is one of fear, and our relationship with anyone who is relying on us to follow through deteriorates.

Most of my clients summon me into their conjuring circle once a week, though a few meet every other week. I have coached over Skype, Discord, FaceTime, WhatsApp, regular old phone, instant or text message, as well as face-to-face. One of the great things about not having a physical office we are both in is all participants are allowed to roam at leisure, getting any physical movement in that we need.

TL;DR: My coaching is all about gaining a greater ability to choose what it is we are doing moment to moment. 

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What are your qualifications and how long have you been coaching?

When my letter for Hogwarts didn't come in, I was trained as an ADDCA Associate Coach at the ADD Coach Academy. I am also a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization.

I also consider it a qualification that I myself have ADHD.

As to how long I've been coaching, I began my coaching journey in 2016.

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Who are your favourite people to coach?

Examples of some of my favourite people to work with include the LGBTQ+ community, the neurodiverse (which includes, but is not limited to, those with ADHD and on the Autism Spectrum), creatives, entrepreneurs, geeks, and gamers.

In a world where many of us attract the world’s negative attention (through a mental health challenge or illness, an uncommon trait, or just because we are different) I seek to carve out a place where my clients can finally relax. I know I grow weary of attempting to explain myself and my ADHD to those who just don’t get it. Working through the challenges of daily living is hard enough without judgement. My sessions are a judgement free zone and that includes my clients judging themselves.

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How long do people work with you?

The duration of a coaching relationship can vary tremendously and depends on the needs of the individual. I've worked with a few people who have specific projects they aim to complete and once that's accomplished they go on their merry way. More typically however my clients are investing months and years in their skill-building and establishing the fundamental things they need to succeed and thrive. 

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How did you become an ADHD coach?

The short answer is I had a coach. I still do. I believe coaching to be a powerful force in the universe. And some of the best times of my life happened during my coach training.

For more details, see my bio and a full account of my journey with ADHD is here.

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How much does it cost?

Because coaching is a process of acquiring skills, I price things according to how long the client decides to meet with me, in months. To learn more, I'd love to set up a phone meeting and go over the details.

Are you covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, like all coaches, my services cannot be covered under insurance. If you are concerned about the expense, please reach out to me. I will do everything in my power to support you to find the services you need.

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