YetiCon 2016

Jun. 13th, 2016

This past weekend I spent several fun-filled hours at YetiCon, up near Collingwood, at Blue Mountain. My very high expectations were in no way disappointed. This con did everything right, in my opinion. I'm sure even Thor Odinson was impressed.

Some highlights for me include the gift of a watergun I was given for registering early, the frankly adorable mascot, the stellar location, the opportunities to avail ourselves of some of the top-quality activities at Blue Mountain, the friendly, informed, open, and just plain awesome staff. Also, a fantastic Fem!Bucky whose hair game was rocking my world.

I also got to spend time with some awesome con pals. This shot is of Castiel (left) and Gabriel (right) from Supernatural. I made both sets of wings. It was intensely gratifying to be able to cosplay with my dear friend after so much time searching for exactly the right coat.

On Sunday I got to try out a new closet cosplay. Pictured here alongside colonial Jack Frost, I managed to pull off early Daredevil, before he gets his cool suit.

I also hosted another panel. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it (hopefully) a good experience for all involved.

The only monkey wrench in the weekend was the fact that my rear right tire went mysteriously flat during Friday night. However, with the help of one of my hotel roomies, I was able to change it for the spare. Definitely leveled up in adult-ness.