Five Reasons You Want ADHD Brains on Your Zombie Apocalypse Team (Part 1)

Jan. 11th, 2016

First installment of a four part series. Part 2 is here.

Disclaimer: Not every person with ADHD will have any or all of these. Displaying anything on this list doesn’t mean a person has ADHD. The things on this list aren’t unique to ADHD.

1. Built in alarm system

ADHD as a whole takes in a ton of information at all times. That’s why we can be prone to be Highly Sensitive Persons. This also means we will be the first to notice the footsteps of the approaching dead. In addition, our physical hyperactivity means we make fantastic perimeter guards. Just make sure to leave us with a buddy or we might get bored and wander off.

2. So. Incredibly. Useful.

Because boredom is our worst enemy, it’s likely we will continuously make ourselves useful around camp. We tend to be jacks of all trades and have random bits of knowledge and skills, at least some of which will have to come in handy during the apocalypse.

3. Intuition is off the charts

We will just know when something is off. Maybe the fauna around the camp stopped making noise, maybe one of our team is acting slightly off, maybe that water isn’t safe to drink. All these things will be evident to us without any explanation. Trust these random flashes of intuition, they might just save your life.

4. Fantastic in a crisis

The zombie apocalypse is just one crisis after another. This is good news for an ADHD brain which thrives under the instant adrenaline rush caused by a sudden emergency. We react and jump into action before other types of brains have even realized something is going down.

5. The nerd factor

Interest in a subject is key to ADHD success so when the end of times arrives, grab your nearest zombie apocalypse nerd with ADHD. They will be an expert in all things zombie and survival and remember everything they learned with perfect clarity.