Anime North 2016

May 30th, 2016

There is no way to capture any Anime North weekend in one blog post. But I'll try.

This was the first con I'd ever attended as a panelist and it went better than I ever could have dreamed. My other three fellow panelists were all brilliant and erudite. My panel audience was full of fantastic stories and successes. My venue was huge and not even a little intimidating. Not at all. Nope.

The heat was intense and the sun was brutal. I heard stories of heatstroke and shuddered at the sight of skin-tight pleather, fur, armour, and full-face helmets. Cosplayers are warriors who daily battle the elements and their own fatigue in pursuit of their art.

One of the most amusing things that happened to me this weekend was me and my hotel-room-mates' reaction to Saturday. After being at the con since 10AM, we all headed back to the room at about 5PM. We somewhat intended to return for the masquerade, but we ended up ordering pizza, playing cards, and then going to bed. We had just as much fun chilling out with con pals as we would have back at the con. Such is the life of introverts.

All around fantastically fun weekend. Special thanks to the AN staff who are a hard-working bunch of folks, to my fellow panelists (especially Abbadon who picked us up our badges), and to everyone who made my con special.