The ADHD Guild

Get ready for the ADHD support system of which dreams are made.

Presenting: The ADHD Guild

A colleague and I are running a comprehensive ADHD solution - more than just coaching, more than a group, and more than a class.

The ADHD Guild is a collective of folks with ADHD who are designing their lives to support their - and their fellow Guild Members’ - unique ADHD brains. This is a comprehensive support system, with elements of a Mastermind group, for ADHD, led by two professional ADHD Coaches (yours truly and Brittany Smith of Devise and Conquer).

Current Guild Meetings are Wednesdays at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern!

As with a traditional guild, we all have different strengths and weaknesses to share, grow, learn together. If our struggles were easy to solve, we would have solved them already! If you’ve wanted a more integrated solution to your ADHD struggles, this is your chance.

Our ADHD Guild Armory Includes:

Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching

  • When you need to really hash out a project with a coach, that’s what we’re here for!

Weekly Meetings with the Guild

  • Share victories and acknowledge the goals we’d like to be held accountable for in the next week

  • Gain support for effective goal creation - Are our objectives realistic and feasible? (The discussion led by Brittany and myself, two ADHD coaches)

ADHD Education

  • A monthly theme and content on topics related to Time Management

  • Info to help you make your own ADHD Toolkit

Online community support

  • Share your victories and celebrate with other members

  • Post your weekly goals to our online chat forum

  • Share valuable ADHD resources together

Productivity Buddy System

  • Team up to tackle your dreaded tasks over Video Chat

  • Some call it Body Doubling, CoWorking, Study-with-Me, or AccountabiliBuddies - Work sucks less when you do it with a friendly pal

  • (Times are subject to members’ availability)


  • Living with ADHD isn’t new to you, either. We’ve all come up with different solutions and many of us love helping others. Here we can all share what’s worked or not worked for us. We can discover more and better strategies together than we ever could alone.

I'm Ready to Join the ADHD Guild!

Fantastic! Head on over to the sign-up page and I'll see you at your first Guild meeting!

In order to facilitate the deep skill-building that is necessary for thriving with ADHD, joining The ADHD Guild begins with a twelve week (three month) commitment, which then switches to billing once a month at the end of that time.

Have further questions? Feel free to email or message me or stop by the Guild's website and I'd be happy to fill you in on this exciting new way to manage your ADHD.

Love to join but Wednesdays won't work? Contact us to join our waitlist! We'll let you know when we open up a new cohort in the future.