The ADHD Guild: Testimonials


“I’ve never had coaching before, and I am retroactively sad that I did not discover this amazing resource sooner!

I really love the weekly meetings, because I’ve never had the opportunity to speak with a group of ADHD people, and share my highs and lows with other people who inherently understand them. It also makes the support from the meetings feel even more validating because the encouragement is coming from other people who have some of the same struggles I do.

With the help of The Guild, my faith in myself has changed because I have support from others.”


“The part I have appreciated the most is the empathy and understanding. I couldn't believe how generous and kind everyone was following my scheduling mistake. I feel like I belong and could be honest about my feelings and personal goals. I appreciated the reminders and everyone's patience and understanding.

I am grateful you all started this as I am so tired after years of trying to fit in to systems that make me stressed. I am still recovering from the experience of getting my PhD, for this reason.”


“It is so helpful to have other people who are struggling with the same things. I am working on it, but I feel so stupid that I can't do little things that other people can do. Not just any other people, but professional adults. There is a lot of wisdom in the group, and I really look forward to coming every week.

With the help of The Guild, I’ve changed how I think about ADHD and ASD differently, less shame.”